My Girlfriend In Cyber Cafe In Aligarh

Hello readers of this great site I am now 22 male handsome and good looking guy from Aligarh. It’s really nice to share your sex life with someone else. I’m not professional writer of sex stories. So, this is not story. This is real world experience that I want to share with you. Let me introduce myself first. I’m Faraz from Aligarh. My mail id is [email protected]

The time, when these incidences happened, was first year of my university. I used to chat that time heavily in Yahoo. I forget the time, but suddenly I got buzz from some id on one of my seductive id. It was something sexy gal. She was very flirt in the first chat and we had great introduction. Later I felt I should try this girl. She was reading Masters while staying in mess after initial introduction I asked her for her cell number.
I thought it must be fake, so I consistently asking her to give her cell number so that I can call and judge if she is really girl or not. She was hesitant initially, later she gave her number and I hurriedly called her, I was shocked hearing a female voice at the other end. God damn, I felt embarrassed. When I asked if the number belongs to Rita, the voice replied it was not. I was bit exhausted thinking the bustard has make me fool by giving random female number and will made fun with me afterwards.

So, when I came back at room and found that id again, I got furious with raze and start talking like, I’ll put my 8 inch lund in your asshole and will fuck you alone with her mother. I found the she was suddenly collapsed and stop replying for a while. Then after couple of minutes later, I got call from the same number and refuse to answer. It continued calling me. So I answered and found it was again female voice. She was telling, how bad I was, that I behave such rude and vulgar way.

I knew how stupid I was. I felt sorry and she said it’s ok. I got the first hint of her attitude and knew she is vulnerable. Then we continued chatting for some days. We knew about each other. Then I asked her to meet with me. She was hesitating, but I continued asking her. She quitted the game and told me, she will meet with me but just for 5 mins. She told me she will meet that day, as she needs to come to my university where she was enrolled for masters. I was excited in the afternoon, she called me.

I was residing at hall that time, to come to the campus. It was about to dark. We meet at the campus. She was not damn good looking, very short, 5 feet 1 inch I guess and bit dark compared to me. Any way, something is better than nothing. From the very beginning of our relationship I asked her to have drinks with me at the university cafee. She agreed. Hurrah, I got another indication of her vulnerability by the way; I have forgotten to tell you that, she was 2 years senior to me.

I call her Rita. So I t was our first meeting. After first meeting, we could not chat for some days, as I could not log on to yahoo as net was not ok. After two three days, I log on to yahoo and got some offline message from her. She wrote, I was very smart and gentle. And she wants me to be her friend. So we were friend. After that we chatted heavily for some days our subject diversified from personal to family ,from sex to chastity. I found her very knowledgeable. After knowing each other, I got urge to meet with her privately. I asked when it can be possible.

She refused to meet with me privately again, my persistence attitude wined over her vulnerability. She told me we could meet at Milk bar and could take snacks some restaurant. I was more than overwhelmed. I knew one cyber café close to Milk Bar when couples go for dating. There you can bring your girl friend. We meet at there and then I asked her that we can go to the cyber café when we will be able to get some privacy. She was positive and we took a rickshaw and went there.

I found some couples queuing to enter the sizzling chambers (we named them lately as you will get cooked and burned if you enter those small chambers with your girl friend) after some long wait, we enter both numbers 6. We entered and got relaxed. She was sitting next to me with timid eyes yet with charming attires. I touched her hand and told her nails were well colored. She smiled. I found her lips were elated and her face was seductive.

I touched her face with my hand and got shocked. God damn, she was burning with urges for sex. I touched her chins and then nose. She whispered, and told me to go slowly. I obeyed. For the first time in my life, I got enough courage to kiss a girl. I went close to her, and kissed on her lips. She was affirmative and started dominating. I was gentle and she was aggressive. She holds me tight and I got first touch of her boobs. Omg! She has 36 plus boobs and they were soft yet hard. Later I came to know, her boobs were her greatest treasures.

I kissed all over her face and then came slowly down to her nick while touching her boobs gently, I tried to unhook her bra and but it was of no use. She helped me to get that out and I kissed on her boobs for the first time. I saw the full grown female breast for the first time in my life. I was overwhelmed with lust. I put my lips on the uneven surface of soft mud. She was like electrified. I kissed here and there. She hugged me tightly which was positive indication to go further.

I was kissing like mad and her boobs were more grown than Pamela Anderson has, with blackish areola. I smelled her skin, she used perfume that mad me mad. I was trying to go further. I slowly put my self down the hill to the plane surface of her little bit fattish belly. I kissed on the navel hole. He pulled me more close to her body. Then I give my concentration in more downward region. I put my hands on her thigh and then come upward to the joining point that lured man for thousands of years.

This region was hotter than rest of her body. Then I put my concentration on the knot of her Salwar. I tried to untie it. She was refusing to give access to that portion of her treasures. I was stubborn. I could not stop there. So I forced her and untie it and passed my hand inside her salwar, what a sensation! It made my penis to erect to the maximum length ever and she noticed it. She put her hand to my bulge and helps him to come out. She amazed by his size. My penis is 7 Inch long and about two and half inch in circumference.

She gently touched my man and suddenly to my surprise, she kissed on it. I was amazed. She put it in her mouth and started to lick. I was in seventh heaven while she was playing with my tools; I gave my full concentration on her inners. I put my middle fingers in her heaven hole. OMG, it was burning hell, it was full with pre-cum and in fact she was oozing like a pro. I continued my fingering in her hole and she replied with moaning. I got mad I put another finger in her love hole and continue the up down motion “Girlfriend”.

Now she become dominating and started licking my man heavily. I lost control; she was mad, real slut. I was chewing my tools, biting it here and there, touching my balls and playing it like it was the best birthday gifts she ever got in her life. Suddenly I got urge for ejaculation and could not last longer. I pumped all my fluids in her mouth. She was horrified but liked the salty taste of my cum.

I guess she drink few drop while few others came out of her mouth. I was a marvelous scene I’ve ever witnessed. Then I helped her cleaning her face and she got dressed up. This was my first ever Cuming in the mouth of my secret partners. Dear readers, I could not describe the pleasure we had in words perfectly. If any girl or married women in between aged of 18 to 40 want to have fun send me an email at aryankhan125 Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK

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