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Hello friends, I am your Friend from Mumbai..Its the best exp and wish to share the same with you all guys and for privacy and security reason I have changed the names.
At the same time I wish to thank all the other writers for making many people relax by reading there awesome stories. May be they are fiction or some made up or rather true but its just about feelings how they are put in words.

Coming to the story I am working with a MNC in Mumbai basically from Hyderabad. My Name is Rambo. This is my story with a girl in my last office. Friends pls spare some time and read till end Hope you would like it.May be its a bit long pls dont mind and awaiting your comments at [email protected] Her name is Sneha. We both joined the same company as fresher and were in the same training batch. It was Friday morning and I had absolutely no mood to work. I was trying to time pass and pinged Sneha.

Madam kya kar rahi hai” She replied “Kaam karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon. Par not well. I’m having a bad head ace and just wish to leave but I don’t think I would get permission.I thought Bingo this is time to get close to her. Then I Said her. “Hey let me help you with that and then I went to the team lead and made up a small story and said she is not at all well and was requesting me to drop her at her PG accommodation place. After a bit of hesitation and seeing her lie on the desk he said well ok carry on.

I jumped and from my heart and came back to her and said ….”” Ah with great difficulty I managed him …its ok let’s go I will drop you chalo nikaltehai…””
She was shocked and before she says no or makes other thought I took her things in my hand and moved…

She had something on me which I know for sure but how to make it come out was the big task. Even I had nothing but a kind of crush on her.
We both made our way to my car. She was adjusting her hair and walking behind me. As we started we both were talking on various things and she was totally forgotten with her head ace thing. Later after about little distance I stopped by the Dominos Pizza corner and went in to get some icecream.

I came back with two mukflurry as soon as she saw then she jumped out happily saying OH GOD I LOVE IT THANKS A LOT…We were more comfortable and truthfully even I left the plan of crush and all thing seeing her very happy and smiling.

May be the love or lust chemistry dint start but close friends thing came up she started telling all her personal things as even I did.

We finished and started heading towards her place and the way she was sitting I guess she was feeling cold as she had worn a thin Sleeveless chiffon salwar suit. We were almost nearing.

She had a slim waist and good size firm boobs. Her hands were thin, slender and looked very soft. She was feeling cold as its winter evening and I could see the goose bumps on her arm. She had an round face with dark eyes. It looked more mystic because of the kohl that she had applied. Her lips were thick and properly accentuated with lipstick. I can see the lips still trembling because of the ice-cream she just had.

We reached her place it was 2 BHK independent flat with one more girl sharing with her and this house was surrounded by many other independent houses and her roommate I guess she was not available.
She invited me in and readily I accepted …as we opened the door with her extra key her friend was also there sleeping on the couch in the hall….sneha made her awake and later her friend walked in saying me hi.

Sneha said she would fresh up and come and made me sit in the hall …I was watching TV and seeing the house I wish I could stay with her but bad luck. After a couple of min, she came out with the towel wrapped on her shoulder. She was wearing the pajama and T shirt. The T shirt was quite loose and was giving little-little peek of her melon boobs.

Now my dick started rising and I was going mad seeing her cleavage bra her big boobs were jiggling in the T shirt. The ass was also properly visible with the pajama sticking in her ass creek. Needless to say I was having all kinds of thoughts and it was getting difficult to control my emotions.

In fact this was first time when I was looking at Sneha from a totally different perspective.

She is no more a friend. I wanted to caress her in my arms. To pamper her to play with her hot body. But I could not jump into all this as I was supposed to be a cultured man and should control my emotions.

But Inner desires are hard to keep and I started looking for ways to come close to her.

I could not resist myself and requested her for the way to rest room and she guided me to the bathroom that she just used. Her clothes were hanged in the hanger. She had hidden her bra and panty below the salwar kamiz. I imagined how it would be to smell her vagina Pussy.

I came out and we sat down on the couch with Tea cups and.I asked her about her head ace she said its ok but not completely gone…I asked her that can I help her by pressing her head she smiled and said no. Then I said its ok then I will leave thanks for the tea she said next thanked me later once again I asked. Tumhara sar daba doon kya? I think you will feel better.” I asked her. She just smiled and didnt said anything, which I took as yes.
I went and stood behind her. She was still sitting on the couch. As her T shirt was quite big, I could see her cleavage well enough.

I felt like putting my hand inside and grabbing one but resisted. I started massaging her forehead. Her eyes were closed and she was making sound like haaaaaa aaahhhh achha lag raha hai after that I brought down my hand to her neck and shoulder and started giving her a shoulder massage.

Now this time effect was different. She didn’t move. I knew she was in mood at the same time for me to proceed I was afraid as her friend was also in the room. I slowly massaged her neck and shoulder. I could see goose bumps in those areas. She was still not moving. She just kept on making sounds of being relaxed. With a fear and stubbing voice I said it would be better if we go to your room I I ii mean you could relax more if you are on bed.

She gave a ? face and still we moved in and making her lie down on bed I started doing the same for 10 min then moved on to slowly to the front and massaged below her neck slowly.
I still could not make myself to take my hands inside her T Shirt. I slowly sat down on my knees near her bed.

Now my face was reaching her face as she was sleeping. I could smell the perfume that she had applied. It was same that smelled in her bra. Some fruity smell and that was driving me crazy. Thoughts of her bra and panty started coming to me and I could not control my hard on. All my good boy fundas went out the window.

I could not think of anything else and I moved my nose against her neck trying to smell the perfume. I felt the goose bumps against my nose and lips. I kissed her slowly on the neck. She folded her neck further back. I kissed her again and this time I inserted my right hand inside her T shirt and touched her left boob. Her skin was soft like satin. I slowly explored her boob with my hand. Her nipples were hard like nuts.

She wrapped her hand around my head while I kissed her neck again. This time I gave her a wet kiss. Slowly I moved up and licked her ear lobes. This time she went crazy. She clasped my head and pulled my hairs. I kept licking her ear lobe while exploring her both the boobs. After sometime she could not take it anymore and she held me by hair and removed my head. She turned back and looked into my eyes.

We looked into each other for some time. No one spoke anything. I held her cheeks and slowly planted a kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. The kiss slowly grew more passionate and then we were exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues. We were in a situation from which there was no looking back. I also joined her in the bed and looking into her eyes started kissing.

We kept on kissing. I inserted my hand again inside her T shirt and squeezed her boobs very slow and kissed her on her neck. I pulled up the T shirt to reveal her juicy boobs. It was white and smooth with hard dark nipples. I licked her nipple. She could not take this and pushed my mouth away from it. I held her hands and again groped one boob in my mouth and started sucking it. She was going crazy.

She started caressing my hair. One by one I was sucking her boobs and slowly I removed her T shirt. She was very shy to be like that in front of me. “Man…please light off karo…mujhe sharm aa rahi hai” She said hiding her boobs with her hands.

I asked about her friend she said not a prob u can see condoms in every room ….tht was a great signal and I made no deal to wait.

I could see Moods few packs Extra Pleasure condom. She had already switched off the lights but still I could see her in the light coming from the streetlight in front of my window. I removed my T Shirt and went inside the blanket. As soon as I went inside she hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips. We started smooching again and this time she was freer than before.

She was exploring my back and chest and I was squeezing her boobs. I then get on top of her and started kissing her from her neck. I sucked her boobs and pinched her nipple.
She made me suck her nipples a lot and she was pressing my head towards her boobs very madly and playing with my hair. I was still sucking her boobs.

She with a stop at our romance she asked me how many girls you fucked …I said you are first ….ha ha no yaar about 3 girls full sex and 2like full mad romance she smiled and said I too had with two guys one at my teen age and now it’s you. And she said mujhe enjoy karna hai and I do it only with whom I love …..Yes it’s my desire I wish to fulfill it but with the person whom I like ….

I asked her why she was getting so serious she smiled and said just trying to make sure you won’t take me in wrong way……I took her in my arms and kissed her fore head and assured her the respect for her would never change……I looked into her eyes and said Sneha want to make love with you madly and kissed me hard. I held her hands and put it behind her head. Her armpits were clean shaved. I licked them.

She could not take this and was trying to cover it but my grip was hard and she could not do anything. I slowly moved down and kissed her navel and explored the navel area with my lips. I moved further down and kissed below the navel. I inserted my hand inside the pajama and squeezed her hip. I then held the elastic of pajama and removed it completely. I could see her trimmed pussy in the slight light that was coming through the window.

I kissed her thighs and legs. She was moaning like anything. I then planted a kiss on her pussy. She shivered. I licked her pussy lips and she went crazy. She was trying to fold her legs but the way I had positioned my head did not let her cover her love hole. My face was totally on top of her pussy and she could not do anything apart from pulling my head and hair. I inserted my lips inside her vagina. The salty taste was driving me crazy. I was licking the pussy and also inserted one of finger inside her.

I finger fucked her and then inserted 2 fingers and then finally 3 fingers and increased my motion of finger fucking her. She was going crazy and making sounds. my finger was filled with her juices. I got up and wore the condom. She stopped me and took it in her mouth and she went on kissing it deep.

I could not say her stop she was fast and making moments very fast at the same time she was moving her one hand bottom of my dick oh god sneha stop it I can’t take it she was in full mood licking licking licking and now she took the tip of my dick she tried to insert her tongue inside the dick hole just for this moment I was like ah she stopped she immediately started again and made my dick moment towards her throat now she was even more faster she was rubbing hand on my nipples and stomach pinching my small nipples and sucking the dick hard she took the angles and she dint waste a sec and continued sucking it badly.

I tried to stop her at my best I was in like mad enjoyment also trying to stop her we both were making noise still we dint stop now she took her hand at my balls and started massaging them ….now is the time I loaded a thick load of cum in her mouth which she drank all and still she was sucking the dick slowly smiling and seeing my red and happy face.

She jumped on top of me said in my ear “”SALELADKELOG TUMKO HI ENJOY KARNA HAI KYA HAMEBHI ATA HAI”” those words made me more hot took her from behind and started rubbing my dick on her ass cheeks and playing pressing her boobs and her neck.

I took two pillows behind her and moved her back and started kissing on her lips, neck and shoulders. She moved me aside and holds my cock. She was giving strokes to it and then started sucking it again to make it hard. Now my dick slowly made its way down to its destiny. She had held my waist. I was moving my cock in out slowly. I thought she should not feel pains. She said, its ok, let it be painful, but fuck me like one male took female. I feel my male should take whatever I give him.

I had started very strongly. She had held my butts with her legs. I felt movement in my tentacles. She got it and had held my body tightly. I took her nipples in my mouth and started very fast.

Its was like pumping her deep to make her hole big and take her ass hole from her pussy .she responded very well and the sounds which she was making was driving me crazy mare and more.

Now I stopped and stood down making her lie at the corner of the bed and started giving strokes more big she was a bit making noise with little pain and she kept her one leg down …now I slowed down my speed just to make her get acquitted with this style of fuck and made my speed increase slowly next made her both legs on my shoulders and started pumping her standing down at the bed.

She had closed her eyes and her mouth open with just ah ah ah ah ah ah sound and I was kind of fucking her with some kind of revenge the force was very mad and she did not say a word but I felt I need to change to make sure she too enjoys it …

I moved her and made her kneel down on the floor making her hold the bed and started giving her strokes from behind she enjoyed this well cause she was using abusing words and making me mad to fuck her even more I held her ass firmly and gave nice deep movement’s first then targeted the depth to explore.

Next moment she holds my hand got up and kissed me and telling me with a teeth shattering voice fuck me more holding my dick next moment I took her lips and giving her tight kiss I made her one leg on bed and entered my dick in her love hole hugging her tight and next pressing her boobs rock hard was pushing her ass towards me very hard.

She said “Please don’t stop. Continue” I started stroking again and this time with more force. I was stroking hard and hard and she was moving her butt with my motion. She wrapped my body with her Hands and I was almost in peak and was about to come any moment.

We went in for the next angle I made her sit in my lap as I loved kissing and fucking she was on my dick which was inserted deep in her hole and she had closed her eyes for the dick was deep into her hole and both of our body was sweating badly as both were on big time heat and had this fuck round for next 5 min then both of us slept removing the condom she gave a sweet kiss infact she covered all my body with her kiss.

We both had the lip lock until we went in the bath room for shower. Guys and girls let me know your comments for our love making session…. [email protected] anyone interested Mumbai hyd do let me know….as the saying goes YE DIL MANGE MORE!!!

Mail in your comments at [email protected] .Special thanks to sneha for allowing me to narrate this happy love making session with names and places having nothing to do with the real life. Thanks to all readers hope all woman readers would be wet and guys would have the trousers tight.
Happy Fucking to all …have fun people!!!Love Rambo. Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK

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